Host your parties and special events with us, 4 hours of non-stop partying. Choose from our reservation options.
Package deal includes DJ, Balloons, Cake, Bartender and Cocktail Waitresses.


8 Food Items for Reserved Parties
(Walk-In Parties are welcomed)
$25.00 per person
(Soda and water included)
minimum of 40 people.

Party Tray Item Menu Selections 

1.      Sinigang na Baboy
2.    Tinolang Manok
3.    Menudo
4.    Apritada (Chicken or Pork)
5.    Kare-Kare
6.    Adobo (Chicken or Pork)
7.    Mixed Pansit
8.    Spaghetti
9.    Fried Tilapia
10.  Daing Na Bangus (Boneless)
11.  Lumpia
12.  Sweet and Sour  (Chicken, Pork or Beef)
13.  Beef and Broccolli
14.  Calabasa
15.  Ginataang Sitaw


Dessert Per Tray

Small Tray - $50.00
Deep Tray  -  $75.00
Large Tray - $100.00

Lechon - Market Price

  •  18% Gratuity added to your package
  • 50% Deposits

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